World Utilities Congress 2023

May 12, 2023

Scenes from the strategic conference panel discussion at the World Utilities Congress this week! 

The discussion focused on the theme “Satisfying the Utility Customers of Tomorrow,” a topic of utmost importance in today’s rapidly evolving world.

During the discussion, Henrique Pereira, CEO of Taka Solutions emphasized the significance of understanding the changing landscape of customer demands. With the rise of digitalization, the utility sector is witnessing a paradigm shift in customer expectations. Utility providers must adapt to embrace emerging technologies, customization, and enhanced customer experiences. 

Henrique shared Taka Solutions’ customer-centric approach, highlighting the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies and innovative business models such as Cooling as a Service (CaaS), to deliver tailored solutions and cater to the utility customers of tomorrow.

He was joined by Dr. Yousif Al Hammadi, Chief Asset Management Officer at Tabreed, Laurent Longuet, CEO at SirajPower, Faisal Ameer Malik, Chief Technical Officer at Huawei Enterprise Business Group, Simon Bartmann, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer at EIGENSONNE, Ezzeddine Jradi, Chief Transformation & Business Excellence Officer at EMICOOL LLC. and Moderator Jiří Waldhauser, Principal at Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

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