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Over the past few months Esquire has profiled previous entrants to The Venture, a global competition launched by Chivas that supports social entrepreneurs. Five finalists have now been shortlisted for the regional heat, taking place in Dubai this month. The winner will represent the Gulf region at the global final in the US this summer. The public can choose their favourite this month ahead of the vote. Here is a rundown of the contenders:


Taka Solutions
Founders: Charles Blaschke, Chris Burkhardt and Philip Schloss
Stage: growth
People’s vote: #votetakasolutions
Idea: Taka Solutions installs energy-saving technology in existing buildings, the cost of which is offset by the financial savings that their work generates. The company believes that the potential exists to reduce the world’s energy usage by 20 percent, the equivalent of all the world’s new CO2 and power plants for 10 years, by using better existing technologies and smart solutions
to control energy usage.


Founders: Chad Smalley and Kevin Chua
Stage: start-up
People’s vote: #voteinvolver
Idea: This gamified mobile ecosystem connects volunteers with NGOs and social organisations globally, automating many key aspects of recruitment operations to achieve substantial savings. By harnessing the power of mobile technology, Involver hopes to create positive impact in all social cause verticals, whether it be social good partners, CSR or university student engagement programmes.


Future Fashion
Founder: Ayesha Siddequa
Stage: start-up
People’s vote: #votefuturefashion
Idea: This innovative fashion company provides a channel for high-end, ethically produced fashion labels. The brand asks the question, “What will take us to the point where our conscience speaks louder than money?” and is born of Ayesha Siddequa’s belief that for too long, the fashion industry’s business model has been to outsource production to drive down costs. This has resulted in unsafe labour conditions, low wages, oppressive expectations for millions of worker and negative environmental impacts. Future Fashion hopes to change that by promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion industry.


Modular & Mobile Solutions
Founders: Ben Long, Mete Ozbek, Ali Osman Kavakdan and Tugsen Ali
Stage: growth
People’s vote: #votemms
Idea: Based in Dubai’s Humanitarian City, the company is committed to delivering the best and most adapted living conditions for communities in conflict-exposed areas and developing markets. To achieve these goals, it raises funds and engages stakeholders to deliver immediate and tangible solutions, such as modular refugee sites that include schools, hospitals and business and community facilities. This longer term goal of these projects is personal, social and sustainable economic development.


Founder: Jacqueline
Stage: start-up
People’s vote: #votedreamrise
This digital media company curates and reports otherwise uncovered stories surrounding the achievements and challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in emerging markets. It aims to eradicate the stereotypes of these women by telling stories that inspire, educate and empower millennials around the world who seek content unique to their respective markets. In this way DreamRise will be a production house for positive and progressive news.

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The Venture Gulf Final will be held on January 20, 2016 at the Westin Dubai. Public voting takes place between January 7 and 17. Use the hashtag of the company you want
to win across any social media platform and The Venture will calculate which finalist is most popular. This will be factored into to the judges’ decision on the night. VisitLiveWithChivalry learn more.