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Forget about solar energy. Buildings are the key to conserving energy. Taka Solutions has the technology needed to save a bunch of energy globally! Charles Blaschke’s, founder and Managing Director of Taka Solutions, opened his pitch at the Gulf regional round of The Venture with an ambitious statement: “We want to use technology to reduce the world’s energy consumption by 20%.”  What Blaschke didn’t know at the time was that this statement played a major part in the winning of their Dubai-based savings energy company in that round of this global competition for social enterprise startups. Being a finalist representing the Gulf region, Taka now hopes to win The Venture final round this July in New York. Taka Solutions and the other finalist’s destinies are dependent on public voting, which ends four days from today, on June 12th. The results of the voting will help determine who receives $1 million funding from The Venture.

Established in 2013 and officially launched in 2015, Taka Solutions is a product of both Charles Blaschke and Chris Burkhardt. Their relationship began as roommates and they have now become co-founders of Taka Solutions. ChrisBurkhardt, co-founder and Commercial Director, used his background in finance, investments and economics, while Blaschke used his engineering and tech background to build Taka Solutions:

“We realized there’s a serious opportunity to save energy in buildings, and happen to save a lot of money as well- so it may be a viable business model.”

So why Taka Solutions and  how does Taka Solutions save energy?

According to Taka Solutions:

Buildings (homes, offices, towers, hotels, etc.) account for 40% of the world’s energy consumption, and the vast majority are badly inefficient, wasting up to 50% of that energy unnecessarily.”

The company use smart technology, engineering and financing to help buildings save energy, money and carbon emissions. Its financial model allows the company to function at no cost to its customers. The customers are actually in a sense ‘paid’, in a form of savings generated by Taka. Currently, the company is looking to add further resources to help building occupants save too. So it’s a win-win-win situation, for the customer, building occupants and the environment!

For those who would like to play a role in helping Taka Solutions win the Final round of The Venture Competition in order to be able to help save energy globally, you can:

  • Vote for Taka Solutions this week before June 12 at www.VoteTaka.com (note: voting requires a Facebook account);
  • Help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media; and
  • Introduce Taka to people and networks  who may be supportive

You can find more details about Taka and the competition here on their website.

We wish Taka Solutions the best of luck in the competition!

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