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The Past
Taka Technology was built out of necessity of the Taka Solutions team over the years.  As the regions premier energy efficiency, engineering and finance company we always used off the shelf technologies to deliver our projects better and more efficiently internally.  This included, but not limited to building digital twins of our buildings in BIM, creating advanced energy models using IES, installing the best BMS and controls.  We always wanted an integrated platform and software that could help us do this, but knew we would not find one.  As the proliferation of IoT devices came into the market we thought we could find a technology that could deliver this aspect of the project and business for us.  We were wrong.
We never wanted to develop IP and software, we already ‘do too much’ in finding, developing, auditing, designing, procuring, installing, commissioning, operating, monitoring, financing projects.  The last thing we needed was another thing to add to our list.  After looking for the right solution, or partner, and failing we decided to take the leap and do it ourselves.  We could not let such a critical aspect of the company be left alone.
The Technology
We have continued to invest and build the best products and features for buildings, energy efficiency and data.  This has morphed into two main product lines. 
The first is the Energy Efficiency Operating System.  This is the SaaS solution that allows companies to automate the delivery of energy efficiency and investment projects using technology and data.  This is what Taka runs on every day and has transformed the business.  Today it is Taka using it as an expert energy efficiency ESCO.  Other ESCOs can use it.  Then FM firms can use it to become energy experts without hiring them – offering this to their customers.  Engineering firms and contractors can use it to grow their business and offer their customers this value of sustainability and energy savings.  Then property and asset managers can use it to bypass the expensive and long times it takes others to do this.  Eventually we want to get it in the hands of the owners themselves, so they have the tool to have the best building at the lowest cost – and to monitor those who do the work.
The second major product is the IoT and Analytics platform.  
The Future
We have all of Takas projects on running on Taka Technology, as well as other customers outside of the Taka projects


Through COVID19, we have registered more than 1,000 buildings on our open energy platform and are helping customers save energy with ZERO CAPEX investment.

By providing a suite of features, we empower building owners and operators to reduce energy consumption while enhancing occupancy experience: 




Try a no cost 60 day trial on our open Energy Data Platform that will allow you to:
  • Automatically audit your building to see savings potential without an expensive audit
  • Instantly track and see investment returns
  • Remotely monitor and control your building from anywhere
  • Track energy cost reduction and where the savings come from
  • Customize your own real-time energy dashboards
  • Centralize and digitize all your utility bills

Contact us today at to learn more about our energy platform solutions and how it can help you reduce energy consumption and save your building money.