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Takaunify is a one-stop go-to platform that guides its users throughout the journey of achieving an energy efficient facility. Our in-house developed platform gives you and us the flexibility to cater the platform to your needs in an agile and personalized manner.

Taka Solutions has been a pioneer in the energy efficiency industry in the UAE. With a skilled in-house team to support all customers, the backbone to ensuring our customers achieve cost and energy savings has been the use of technology.

We strongly believe that everyone must have easy access to the right tools to reduce their energy costs and run more sustainable facilities.


Utility Bill Management System

Centralize your utility bills and analyze your data using dynamic dashboards

In just a single click, upload your utility bills to Takaunify and view dynamic and visually rich dashboards for a birds-eye view of your portfolio with the ability to drill down a specific facility and meter.

Ensure you have visibility on the utility bills you get issued on a periodic basis for all your utilities including electricity, chilled water, diesel, gas, etc.

Data entry of utility bills continue to be a manual task resulting in higher possibilities of human-error and lack of ability to capture information holistically. Over time, facility operators lose historical data. Lack of central management of all bills coupled with manual data entry results in inaccurate and inadequate analysis of the managed facilities.

This module is vital to understand which of your utilities are consuming and costing you the most. Understand if your facility and portfolio is performing better or worse on a month-on-month basis against a defined baseline. Quantify your performance in AED and benchmark your facilities against each other, ranking each of them based on their usage and cost intensity.


Real-time Metering

Map your utility bills in real-time meter data to understand consumption & distribution patterns

This module enables you to have meters installed at critical junctions within your facility either at MDBs or at specific asset levels feeding you with real-time energy consumption data. With real-time metering, you have a clear idea of which asset groups or types are consuming the most amount of energy and the patterns within each.

Not knowing which asset types are contributing the most/least to your utility bills results in implementing trial and error approaches to reducing consumption of utilities, costing effort, time and money. Getting straight to metering every individual asset is not a feasible approach and can be an expensive measure to undertake.

Metering at an MDB level will identify the assets consuming the most or least energy and when. Teams can make informed decisions on what asset types need focus on saving a lot of time, effort and money in a quick and short span of time. The dashboards help understand the energy consumption by zone and by project, down to individual meters. Filter the data retrieved and compare the performance on a year on year and month on month basis.


Real-time Asset Performance

Monitor the performance of your assets in real-time to analyze consumption trends and patterns

Connect specific assets through the IoT Edge gateway to monitor in real-time all the operational data points, view asset specific energy consumption and optimize the controls on the assets to achieve energy efficiency.

This module is focused on getting to the lowest level of energy consumption, to the individual asset level, and gives you critical information to implement the findings from the previous steps.

This module allows you to make meaningful changes through monitoring and control using IoT gateways. All major assets that contribute to energy consumption are mapped to Takaunify giving you the ability to perform root cause analysis and assess specific asset wise energy distribution. Identify energy leaks, make operational changes and monitor energy consumption changes immediately aligning your operations with the goals of running a sustainable facility at reduced cost and utility consumption. Define your baseline and monitor the actual consumption vs the baseline to compute savings.


Power Up Add-Ons

Customize your Takaunify platform with additional modules for a holistic efficiency approach

This modules provides you with additional tools to continue your journey towards achieving and maintaining energy efficient facilities.

A facility changes over time, from asset performance to occupancy levels and weather changes. Change is inevitable and your facility and strategy towards maintaining an energy efficient facility must be flexible and dynamic to account for the changes.

This module enables you to power-up and chose additional modules to match your business requirements. Additional modules for budgeting, solar and more can help you track your performance. Use the AI module to identify additional energy efficiency measures. More add-ons such as Enterprise Asset Management are currently under development.

UBMS Subscription Plans

Taka unify is available on a Monthly or Annual basis.
Make your choice and get started on your journey to achieve Energy Efficiency!




Real-Time Metering Points

(Read Only)

  • Per Facility 0 to 250 Real-time Meters
  • Per Facility 251 to 1,000 Real-time Meters

Real-Time Assets

(Read + Write)

  • Per Facility 0 to 250 Real-time Meters
  • Per Facility 251 to 1,000 Real-time Meters



  • Budget Module
  • Solar Module
  • AI Module

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We customize the number of users and utility meters based on your requirement. Please reach out to us for a customized package.

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