Comprehensive financed efficiency solutions

Financing Solutions

We believe that finance should never be an obstacle when it comes to saving energy, which is why we finance projects on a case-by-case evaluation basis for building owners, operators, ESCOs, equipment suppliers and solutions providers. Greener buildings, fully financed.

Apart from other financing models, Taka Solutions applies energy performance contracting to recover financial investments in energy efficiency projects. Energy Performance Contracting is a commercial agreement structure that allows for capital improvement paid from cost reductions generated. Under a performance contract arrangement an energy services company (ESCO) implements a project to deliver energy efficiency, and uses the stream of income from the cost savings to repay the costs of the project, including capital costs. Essentially the ESCO does not receive its payment unless the project delivers energy savings as expected.

Cooling as a Service Model

Cooling as a Service is a pay-per-use model to decrease energy consumption and associated costs in chiller plants. CaaS eliminates upfront investment and operational expenditure for customers who instead pay per unit of cooling consumed.

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Shared Savings Model

Taka Solutions provides project development, management, engineering, equipment and capital expenses for the project. All project costs are paid from the savings generated by the project and shared with the owner from day one.

  • Credit Risk: Taka Solutions
  • Performance Risk: Taka Solutions

Guaranteed Savings Model

Taka Solutions provides a turn-key solution inclusive of project development and management, engineering, design, implementation, and commissioning. All investments are paid for by the customer, with project savings guaranteed by Taka Solutions.

  • Credit Risk: Customer
  • Performance Risk: Taka Solutions

Technology Solutions

Meet Takaunify, a platform that unifies Energy, Operations and Business.

Takaunify aims to democratize energy efficiency and make reducing your energy consumption and utility costs easy and accessible. Through the years of experience Taka Solutions possesses in energy efficiency and asset optimization, Takaunify breaks down the process of attaining the end goal of reduced consumption into four steps using the latest in energy technology.

Utility Bill Management System

Dashboards will auto-populate giving you in-depth billing details on the facility and portfolio performance on a monthly basis.

Real-time Metering

Connect with real-time meters to understand end-use consumption, behaviors and identify patterns for optimizing the facility.

Real-time Asset Performance

Manage an efficient facility. Get enabled to monitor and manage the assets that directly and indirectly contribute to high consumption of utilities.

Power Up Add-Ons

Take it a step further for increased visibility and management with modular add-ons for budgeting, solar asset management and more.

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Engineering Solutions

Taka Solutions’ bespoke energy efficiency services help facilities save time and money on the consumption of utilities such as electricity, water, diesel and others. Whether a new or existing facility, our team of engineers can create savings that result in the lowest lifecycle costs as you operate the facility for many years into the future.

Each service can be financed and performed by Taka Solutions to gain value at any time, for any purpose, during any project. We can work with you to improve the performance of your facilities at any stage including during conceptual phases, during design, during construction, and post-construction, during operations.

Leveraging our expertise with innovative technologies, our results-based consulting, design and development services ensure you achieve a positive return on investment.


Our energy consultants help you understand how to implement practical energy solutions. Our consulting portfolio includes LEED consulting, Delta-T, BMS and more.

Code Compliance

We fully understand the requirements of building codes and compliance requirements and can help you identify and rectify non-compliances.

New Building Commissioning

We provide commissioning services for newly built facilities. We introduce standards and strategies early in the design process and then ensure implementation of selected measures.


We provide continuous recommissioning at planned intervals, ensuring that facilities operate as efficiently as possible while meeting comfort and functional needs.

Energy Audits

Our team of certified energy engineers assess your facility’s energy usage at no cost and will forecast how much you can save before initiating an efficiency project.

Energy Simulation

We provide comprehensive virtual energy simulations that allow you to compare different HVAC and MEP systems and control strategies.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We provide turn-key BIM solutions that bridge data and visualizations in 3D models that can help you anticipate the needs and operational requirements of your facility, even before it’s built.

Indoor Air Quality Testing & Treatment

We assess your facility’s indoor air quality to identify issues and develop long-term solutions to promote the health and safety of your occupants.

Drawings & Specifications

Our team of engineers provide detailed drawings and specifications of your facility, including mechanical, electrical and other technical specifications.

Procurement & Installation

We provide procurement and installation services for implemented energy efficiency measures including chiller upgrades and swaps, BMS installations and upgrades, lighting retrofits and more.

Operations & Maintenance

We provide ongoing operations and maintenance of all energy efficiency measures implemented including replacements, repairs, warranties, and more.

Measurement & Verification

We undertake measuring, collecting and analyzing data to verify and report energy savings resulting from the implementation of energy efficiency measures, aligned with international standards.

Energy Management

We track and optimize energy consumption over extended time periods and recommend measures to reduce energy consumption and increase cost savings.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our team of engineers provide advanced energy data reporting that can help you see how much energy is being consumed by your facility.