Takaunify Project with Saba Properties

November 20, 2020

Taka Solutions is continuing its 8-year energy efficiency journey with Saba Properties. Taka Solutions is implementing Takaunify, which will include real time remote monitoring, control & management of the Saba Towers 1 & 3. With this, Saba will be able to manage their energy automatically in real time. This builds off the back of energy efficiency services, humidity investigation & remediation & engineering through the years.

Having real-time data across their portfolio of buildings, Saba will have oversight of all the major equipment, remotely. They can trend energy performance over time, see deterioration & can forward plan for major upgrades & replacements.

Taka Solutions will also be working closely with their real estate consultants to carry out Detailed Asset Condition Audits. This will focus on the condition, value, remaining useful life to critically evaluate their capital expenditure planning and required reserve (sinking) funding.

Saba Towers 1 & 3 are strategically located in Cluster E and Q respectively in JLT, close to Sheikh Zayed Road, with a total area of over 800,000 sq. Ft. If you are a property management firm, owner’s association board or real estate company looking to remotely manage your buildings and reduce energy consumption to create savings, contact us today to learn more.

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