Regal tower

Dubai, UAE

Project Summary

The Regal Tower is a high quality, 33 story commercial building located in Business Bay, Dubai. The building opened its doors in 2012 as a tower designed to meet business needs while bridging the gap between work and leisure in the heart of the city. It is comprised of 265 offices spread over 32 floors, a recreation floor as well as retail outlets. The building contains 7 levels of parking and has a fully equipped health club.

There is an excellent opportunity for large energy efficiency improvements through the deployment of technology and equipment, upgrades and precise energy management. A detailed energy audit and comprehensive study of the building was conducted and potential energy efficiency measures were identified and analyzed for feasibility and implementation. While the building has potential energy and cost savings, there are some equipment, engineering and energy problems inherent in the building that should also be addressed to increase Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and system efficiency.

Actual AED Savings


Energy Savings

Actual kWh Savings


investment grade energy auditing


Building information modeling

Energy Modeling

Design & Specification of Measures

supplier procurement and management

Implementation management


measurement & verification of savings

energy management & operations