Falcon House

Dubai, UAE

Project Information

Owner: InvestBridge Capital

Client: InvestBridge Capital

Contract Type: Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract

Area: 8,700 m

Project Summary

The Falcon House was experiencing high energy consumption and costs due to systems not operating at the correct loads throughout the day.  taka solutions supported IBC by deliverying savings via a financed shared savings energy performance contract which included a variety of EEMs to reduce consumption and improve indoor air quality.

AED / Year Saved

10-Year Savings

kWh / Year Saved


Using quality energy auditing, technology and engineering taka solutions has been able to beat foretasted savings estimates over the 3 years of operation. The comprehensive EEMs included the chilled water, lighting, electrical, pumping and ventilation systems. Ongoing monitoring and M&V will allow for continued savings and benefits to the building.

  • Lighting 12%
  • Cooling 15%
  • Fans 41%
  • Chilled Water 31%
  • Electricity 29%