Fairmont the Palm


Dubai, UAE



Project Information

Owner: IFA

Client: Fairmont Hotels

Contract Type: Guaranteed Savings Energy Performance Contract

Area: 90,000 m


Project Summary

The Fairmont Palm is a world class 5-star hotel located on the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE.  The 300 room beach resort includes a spa, conference center, penthouses and 7 food and beverage outlets.  taka solutions supports the team via a guaranteed savings energy performance contract.



Energy Savings

Metric Tons of CO2 Saved

MWh / Year Saved


Taka Solutions works with the hotel management team to provide energy auditing, package procurement, implementation management and energy management for energy services.  Ongoing M&V and operations over the contract period will offer energy insight, reporting and a guarantee of savings.

  • Lighting 12%
  • Cooling 13%
  • Fans 38%
  • Chilled Water 17%
  • Electricity 11%