Energy Solutions for European Business Center | Taka Solutions

European Business Center

Dubai, UAE

Project Information

Owner: European Business Center

Client: European Business Center

Contract Type: Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract

Area: 25,000 m

Project Summary

The European Business Center is a full-service office building located in the Green Community, Dubai, UAE.  The building offers its tenants ready-made office spaces including all utilities.  The building has experienced high demand and occupancy, even during the downtown of 2009-2012.  This caused high energy consumption and costs.  taka solutions provided energy solutions via a shared-savings energy performance contract.

AED / Year Saved

10-Year Savings

kWh / Year Saved


The project has resulted in increased energy performance along with improved indoor air quality, prolonged life of lighting equipment, and increased BMS functionality.  Long-term plans include to arrange for tenant energy engagement programs.

  • Lighting 9%
  • Cooling 11%
  • Fans 19%
  • Chilled Water 33%
  • Electricity 26%