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Dubai Design District

Project Summary

Dubai Design District is a high-quality commercial and social hub for innovation and creativity, where some of the world’s most notable clothing, architecture, and engineering firms have offices set up. These buildings are designed to be some of the most aesthetically pleasing and energy conscious in Dubai and the region. D3 have a commercial area consisting of 11 buildings divided into 3 Blocks; North, Core, and South.

There is an excellent opportunity for large energy efficiency improvements from technology and equipment deployment, upgrades and precise energy management due to the high quality of the design, spaces available, in-place controls and equipment condition. TECOM Investments has a high interest for reducing their energy consumption and costs and had multiple attempts to adjust their operation procedures to achieve this goal.

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Dubai Design District - d3

energy auditing

Dubai Design District - d3


Dubai Design District - d3

Building Information Modeling

Dubai Design District - d3

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