Project Update: BMS Retrofit For Saba Towers

November 15, 2021

Over the summer, in compliance with RERA laws and requirements, Taka Solutions conducted asset condition audits and reserve fund studies for Saba Towers 1 & 3, located in JLT, Dubai.

The results of the evaluation indicated that the existing BMS needed to be upgraded to adequately support the building’s operational needs. This led to a full BMS and ECMS retrofit, including the replacement of the existing BMS controllers and front-end system with a new open-source building management system, our very own TakaTechnology platform.

Using our platform, Saba Towers is now able to: 

  • Virtually audit the towers to see savings potential
  • Instantly track & see investment returns
  • Remotely monitor & control the towers from anywhere
  • Track energy cost reduction & where the savings come from
  • Customize own real-time energy dashboards
  • Centralize & digitize all utility bills

Congratulations to Saba Properties JLT on the successful completion of this project & we look forward to working with Saba to help save energy and money.

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