Taka & Grundfos – The Complete Solution | Taka Solutions

We’re always happy to collaborate with quality manufacturers and suppliers, and this is no exception.

Earlier this month, Taka Solutions signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Grundfos, a leading multinational pump and water application systems manufacturer.

Taka CEO, Charles Blaschke, and Grundfos General Manager, Kostas Poulopoulos, signed the MoU at Grundfos’ headquarters in JAFZA, Dubai. Under the agreement, these two award-winning, industry leaders will work to identify projects that present energy savings opportunities based on the replacement, retrofitting or modification of the pumps system. We will also look to collaborate on financing these projects in a variety of ways, from full turn-key solutions including sourcing and installation of products, to offering energy consultancy.

“Working with a partner like Grundfos is a prime example of how we can use our financing capabilities and our engineering and technology to make a bigger impact in the world” Explained Charles.

“We work with quality equipment providers like Grundfos –  the world’s leading pump manufacturer, because we know that their service, their product, and their customers are good, and we don’t want finance to stand in the way of them making an impact and saving energy and having customers with the best product and solution”

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