Taka Experts – William Avrillon on the Digitalization of Energy Systems - taka solutions

Continuing our Taka Experts Initiative with our Business Development Executive, William Avrillion, who shone a light on the digital evolution of energy systems with his article ‘Digitalization Pushing Century Old Energy Systems Out’.

The article was published as a Gulf News special and focused how digital technologies set to make energy systems around the world more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable and accessible.

The biggest potential for technology is its capability to break down existing boundaries in the energy sector, increasing flexibility and enabling integration.”

As well the impact of digital technologies, the article also underlines how financing the implementation of these technologies, particularly in the case of building retrofits, still remains at the heart of the matter.

“for those who are aware of the hidden resources lying in their building, financing any upgrades might not be part of the plan. This has pushed private and public entities to offer financing schemes enabling these energy performance contracting projects at no upfront cost to the customers . . . If the identified energy saving potential for your building consuming $3 million a year was 20 percent, then we could save $600,000 now by using the available technologies, skills, and finance. Would you do it?” 

Read the full article here.