Blaschke and The National talk about the benefits of our Energy Performance Contracts

In a recent interview with The National, Charles discussed how Taka’s innovative business model helps our customers to save millions on their energy bills without parting with a single dirham in capital.

“I guess the kicker, where it gets exciting, is we don’t actually charge the customer. We pay for everything,” Explained Charles.

The interview also touched upon the birth of Taka Solutions, when a group of friends realised the potential to save huge amounts of energy in the region, and the world, by implementing simple and innovative solutions.

“Most of us had been working on designing more buildings that we didn’t need” added Charles “we realised that our collective experience could be applied to a better use that would have a better impact on the world through reducing the impact of all the existing buildings.”

You can read more on Charles’ interview with The National here.