Charles Blaschke MC’s the World IEQ Forum | Taka Solutions

Earlier this month, Charles Blaschke hosted the 5th edition of the World IEQ Forum. This year’s event brought together policy-makers, thought leaders, consultants, building owners and equipment manufacturers to discuss, debate, and present key topics centering around indoor environment quality; from government policies and strategies for improving IEQ, to the contentious correlation between IEQ and energy consumption.

Really interesting conference, one of the best ones I’ve been to in a long time.”

When commenting on the forum recently, Charles touched upon the true impact of IEQ when considering more than just energy consumption:

The question is, when are the owners, investors, decision makers and the tenants going to be educated enough to account for the non-energy costs? Productivity. Healthcare costs. When do they put that into the equation? In this part of the world – probably 20 years’ time, or maybe when people realise that they’re dying from the poor IEQ of the buildings they’re living and working in

This year’s event undoubtedly addressed some of the major issues around IEQ, locally and globally. You can read more about the key topics and the other speakers here.