Net Zero Project with RSA Global

March 1, 2022

Taka Solutions was appointed by RSA Logistics to review and identify the scope of energy consumption on two of their warehousing facilities as part of an ongoing initiative to minimize the facility’s energy consumption and in conjunction with clean energy solutions to transition to a net-zero facility.

A 6-year Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract (SSEPC) type was selected, where Taka provided all engineering, equipment, and expenses (CAPEX and OPEX) for the project. Some quick facts are:

  • No performance or credit risk on RSA Logistics, risks fall upon Taka Solutions
  • The facility improvements are provided by Taka Solutions at no initial cost to RSA Logistics
  • No operational obligation from RSA Logistics

Through the implementation of seven energy efficiency measures, Taka Solutions was able to generate 21.4% energy reduction across two warehouse facilities comprising of electrical savings of 750,757 kWh. The energy reduction achieved is equivalent to CO2 emissions from 1,232 barrels of oil consumed or 64,732,439 smartphones charged. These savings, combined with an onsite solar photovoltaic solution producing electricity for the facilities, has reduced the consumption from the utility grid to only 1% per year, transforming the facilities to Net-Zero.

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