First Cooling as a Service (CaaS) project moves into Operations

December 5, 2023

Taka Solutions is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking milestone as the first Cooling as a Service project, the Port Saeed Building, Deira seamlessly transitions into Operations.

This innovative fully-financed project transforms traditional cooling into a service-based model, optimizing energy consumption and reducing environmental impact, with zero upfront investment and no O&M obligation for our client, GCRE. Port Saeed Building, an 11-story residential building, now boasts state-of-the-art cooling systems tailored for superior performance and efficiency. The implementation phase encompassed a chiller plant retrofit, installation of energy control systems, and integration of smart meters for optimized energy use. The operations phase for the project is set to span 15 years, during which Taka Solutions will continue to manage and optimize the chiller plant for maximum efficiency and sustainability. The project is expected to conclude in November 2038.

Preliminary estimates project substantial savings, with a 37% improvement in plant efficiency, translating to a 440,000 kWh annual reduction in energy consumption and a significant cut of 345 tons in CO2 emissions.

Join us on this sustainability journey and stay tuned for more info!

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