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Building energy modeling is a powerful tool used to assess the energy performance of new and existing buildings. Our experienced team of energy engineers and consultants provides expertise and guidance in energy modeling.

Compared to any other aspect of design, construction or operations, the energy consumed by buildings and infrastructure throughout their lifetime has the greatest impact on the environment. It’s also one of the biggest costs to a building owner. In fact, on average, organizations spend approximately one-third of their operating budget on energy consumption.

 At Taka Solutions, we believe it’s essential to model the energy performance of a new building early in the design process. This is how high-performance buildings are created. Energy modeling helps a project team understand the life-cycle impacts of mechanical, electrical, and architectural design decisions on the projected energy performance of the building.

What is Energy Modeling?

Energy modeling is the virtual simulation of your building or infrastructure which focuses on your year-round energy (i.e. heating, cooling, water, lighting, etc.).

Modeling essentially allows team members to compare different design options by considering building cost, operating costs, and replacement costs. Ultimately, energy modeling allows the building owner to create a building that performs better than similar structures, which results in a competitive advantage in the market.

By evaluating the various elements of lighting plans, build assemblies, and mechanical systems, we can devise solutions to maximize your building’s energy performance. Energy modeling is also used to evaluate the payback of renewable energy solutions (i.e. solar panels, high-efficiency mechanical systems, battery backup systems, etc).

Energy Modeling
Energy Modeling

Benefits of Energy Modeling

  • Identify where your energy budget will be going
  • Estimate future energy cost and consumption
  • Energy efficiency is among the top priorities in businesses around the world. In addition to reducing your energy consumption and increasing your cash flow, benefits to energy modeling include:
  • Integrating BIM process employing current modeling workflows
  • Eliminating duplicate data entries and multiple model creation
  • Analyzing the impact of new and emerging technologies before you invest in them
  • Ability to analyze multi-modal mechanical systems
  • And more

Taka Solutions has the experience to create valuable energy models for new buildings and retrofits for existing buildings. Our knowledge allows us to interact with design professionals to offer value-added recommendations to improve the energy performance of your building.

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