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BUilding information modeling

Our expertise embraces every phase of BIM creation, from training and support to design, construction and integration.

BIM Delivers Faster, Cost-Effective Results

We provide turn-key BIM solutions for clients across a broad breadth of industries to include architecture, construction, manufacturing, engineering, and commercial real estate industries. Leveraging our expertise with innovative technologies, our results-based systems consulting, and design and development services ensure you achieve a positive return on investment.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is transforming the way we operate buildings and design, plan, and manage construction projects. BIM bridges data and visualizations within a 3D model so that you can anticipate the needs and operational requirements of your building before it’s even built! This valuable data allows our team to help you make smarter decisions during earlier stages, test our proposed solutions, and identify which will deliver the very best results.

 This model-based approach increases efficiency and productivity within individual organisations to provide energy engineering professionals with the tools and insight necessary to effectually plan, design, retrofit, construct and manage your buildings and infrastructure.


With BIM 3D modelling, you can:

  • Understand how your building will look and function
  • Evaluate your construction process
  • Anticipate operational costs and construction costs
  • And much more
Building Information Modeling

BIM and Energy Retrofits

The goal of a commercial energy retrofit is to leverage the innovation of BIM to transfer required building data to Facility Management information systems seamlessly. This results in improved processes through advanced conception and analysis capabilities.

The energy simulations and design tools affiliated with BIM help energy engineers create a 3D virtual model of a building and infrastructure. Once established, the 3D model can anticipate weather and usage patterns to predict energy consumption, such as heating and cooling loads, water consumption, and electricity usage. BIM also provides energy engineers with the real-time data predictions necessary to quickly optimize the performance of their energy retrofits.


Taka Solutions – Your BIM Consultants

At Taka Solutions, we understand that people, process and technology drive BIM. To deliver the best results, each of these pieces must work together. Our clients can choose from a variety of consultancy and support services that span the BIM lifecycle. Our BIM services can be applied to new buildings, existing buildings, and portfolios.

All BIM solutions designed by Taka are intelligent, detailed, and built to support the design process. Our BIM modelers possess years of industry experience in architecture, design, engineering and MEP. We not only understand how to build intelligent BIM, but we can deliver it.

Contact a member of our team to learn more about how BIM can help you.