Will My Building Benefit from a Commercial Retrofit? | Taka Solutions

November 11, 2019: Building and infrastructure account for 32 percent of all energy consumption and 19 percent of energy-related greenhouse gases. What’s more, this number will continue to increase as the global population continues to urbanise. 

How will your building benefit from an energy retrofit?


What is an Energy Retrofit?

Energy retrofits are improvement and upgrades to a building’s energy-consuming systems. Improvements can range from smaller upgrades, such as upgrading windows and lighting to replacements of major systems, such as ventilation systems and HVAC.

Energy retrofits can range from improvements to one building or include major energy upgrades across multiple building systems. All solutions and building improvements are designed to maximise energy savings. 

Examples of common energy upgrades may include: 

  • Replacing HVAC system (heating and cooling systems) 
  • Upgrading ventilation systems
  • Replacing outdated light or sensors
  • Replacing windows
  • Replacing insulation


Benefits of a Commercial Energy Retrofit

Energy-efficient buildings are a key component to lowering carbon emissions along the path to environmental sustainability, both in the UAE and on a global scale. Taka Solutions’ energy retrofit dramatically optimises building efficiencies and reduces energy costs and carbon emissions to produce savings of up to 50% per building. Additionally, energy-efficient buildings generate instant savings from upgraded technologies and equipment, to include:

  • Lowered infrastructure and building operating costs
  • A decrease in the risks associated with increasing energy prices
  • Increased cash flow and asset value 
  • Reduced carbon emissions


What Buildings Benefit from Energy Retrofits

Retrofitting existing buildings for energy efficiency will help your bottom line, allowing you to see the value in lowering carbon emissions while combating global warming. Even when new construction is built to higher energy standards, upgrading building systems and making older stock more energy efficient will result in significant cost and energy savings.

Unless you are operating out of a building that has been designed for energy efficiency, your building will benefit from an energy retrofit. Buildings of all ages are subject to energy loss through inefficiencies in the building structure or during operations, such as occupants leaving on lights or electronics. Furthermore, the average cost of energy efficiency compared to utilities is still generally less than that of alternate energy resources (such as wind or utility-scale solar.) Overall, energy efficiency and clean energy continue to come in at a lower cost per kilowatt-hour than more traditional resources. Investments in energy efficiency can have a big impact.

Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost your company anything upfront to retrofit your existing infrastructure.

As with most components of your building, you make a significant investment in your specialized flooring.  This investment must be protected in order for your flooring to last many years in an attractive state.

Energy Efficiency with Taka Solutions

Taka Solutions provides turn-key energy retrofit projects for comprehensive energy savings to not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but also increase your bottom line. Through our award-winning finance model, clients can minimise their risk while experiencing the benefits associated with an energy-efficient building. Taka will provide all of the engineering, equipment and capital expenses associated with your energy-retrofit. In return, all project costs are paid from the savings generated by the project and shared with the owner from the start.


Retrofit Case Study – H&H 

H&H in Dubai was suffering from high energy expenses across their existing infrastructure. Our initial energy audit determined that oversized HVAC pumping systems across multiple buildings operating inefficiently, vibrating, and improperly balanced. After presenting our initial findings, we recommended solutions and a timeline, and we informed the client that we would replace the outdated and inefficient equipment with no upfront cost to them. 

H&H described their experience as “a win-win situation.” They received new state-of-the-art equipment, extended the lifespan of their equipment, created an enhanced environment for their residents, and experienced immediate cost savings – all while reducing their carbon footprint.

Thanks to the changes implemented during their energy retrofit, H&H experienced an immediate drop in energy consumption up to 80% for their Indigo Tower and Falcon Tower, and up to 70% for their Green Tower. Additionally, H&H experienced an overall decline in energy consumption between 20-25% across their existing infrastructure. Upgraded pumps are not only more energy efficient, but they are also contributing to a more profitable bottom line. Additionally, building residents are more comfortable, and those residents living on the floor located above the HVAC systems no longer experience the noise from the outdated, vibrating pumps. 

At Taka, we see existing infrastructure as an opportunity to tap into existing energy savings. Whether it’s carbon savings, money savings, or energy savings, the experts at Taka have the tools and experience to unlock the savings potential in your building. Our energy solutions are designed for the future. With a little help, your company can be part of the change that leads to global sustainability while simultaneously increasing your profits. Contact us to schedule your energy retrofit today.