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June 3, 2018: At Taka, we combine sophisticated engineering, financing, and project management to optimise building energy use. As an industry leader in energy performance contracting and energy retrofits, we leverage our comprehensive energy solutions with the latest innovative technologies to create both eco-friendly and profitable outcomes.

From the homes of Fairmont the Palms and GEMS Jumeirah College to Marina Square and Al Ain Stadium, we improve efficiency to reduce costs and carbon impact while simultaneously increasing asset profitability and value. The result? A decrease in energy-related expenditures which result in positive economic, environmental and social effects.


Innovative Technology & Engineering

Technology has transformed almost every aspect of our daily lives, except for our buildings and infrastructure, which account for 40% of global carbon emissions. At Taka, we aim to change this!

At the core of all of our services and internal processes are technology and engineering. We leverage the latest innovative technologies with unbiased engineering solutions to produce better projects with more significant savings, energy insight, and performance.

We understand technology and engineering solutions are continually evolving, and we make it a point to stay in the know. Our team is constantly searching for new and improved ways to enhance our energy services to produce stronger outcomes for our clients. From the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud analytics to smart software and hardware, we leverage cutting-edge technologies and the latest in turnkey engineering solutions with the sole purpose of delivering better projects with higher value.



Charles Blaschke and Chris Burkhardt founded Taka Solutions with a mission to reduce the world’s energy consumption by 20% using engineering, technology, and finance. From the beginning, they both believed finance should never be an obstacle on the path to saving energy. Together they adopted a financial model that makes it possible for building owners to maximise their buildings potential through smart, innovative, efficient energy solutions.

Using the Taka Shared Savings Model, we finance projects for owners, ESCOS, equipment suppliers, and solutions providers. Through our award-winning finance model, clients can mitigate their risk while reaping the rewards associated with an optimised building. Not only does Taka provide all engineering, equipment and capital expenses for the project, but all project costs are paid from the savings generated by the project and shared with the owner from the start.



Entrepreneurs at heart, Chris and Charles saw an opportunity to bring an innovative business model to an industry deeply rooted in traditional methods. Together they established Taka’s innovative, pay-as-you-save business model (Shared Savings Model). Under this model, Taka fronts a clients energy retrofit project, and we receive payment as building owners save money on their energy bills.

The industry has recognised Taka’s entrepreneurial expertise through many awards, including The Venture and The Emirates Energy Award. Additionally, members of the Taka Solutions team are frequently asked to speak on entrepreneurship throughout the UAE and beyond.

In fact, in November 2017, Charles was invited to Geneva by the United Nations to represent the UAE and the “great community of entrepreneurship and innovation” to showcase how our work can help achieve sustainable development goals. It was a tremendous honour to take part in a globally recognised event with the world’s leading innovative entrepreneurs.


Taka Solutions

At Taka, we are engineers, designers, builders, analysts and business people. We care about the impact we have on society and the world at large. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping building owners, asset managers, and governments reduce their impact on the environment while simultaneously increasing profitability and asset value.

We genuinely believe that when we develop quality partnerships, we can have a more significant impact. Together, we can make a difference.

Interested in learning how we can maximize the potential of your building? Contact a member of our team to learn more.