14.8 GWh Energy Savings Achieved 2019 | UAE | Taka Solutions

August 20, 2020: We are so proud of the work we continue to do to save the world & our customers through energy consumption reduction. In 2019 alone, we saved energy equivalent to energy needed to charge more than a BILLION smartphones.


With over a million square meters of area under management, we achieved 20.9% savings across our projects & strive to enable clients to focus on their core business operations rather than energy management, an auxiliary function.

Being one step ahead of our competitors, we focus on integrating non-EPC contracting models such as tech-based long & short-term energy services contracts, leasing & so on with traditional EPC models. The need for outsourcing is now more than ever, acute in buildings that have limited facilities staff post-COVID19 & want to use advanced technology to maintain & control their assets.

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