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April 16, 2020: Even in these uncertain times we are working hard for our customers to help them save, reduce their energy, improve the air quality to stop the COVID-19 spread and invest in customers buildings so they can keep their capital and invest in core areas of their business.  We are as committed as ever to invest in the project where many others have shied away.  Now more than ever we, are the long-term partner to support you and the building.

In response to the situation Taka Solutions has decided to offer our Taka Energy Data Platform free of charge for 90 days for any building.

We know it is a tough time, and the little bit we can do to help you reduce, manage and track your energy during high or low occupancy scenarios.  This can help:
  • Remotely monitor and use the dashboard in real time
  • Track the energy cost reductions from the occupancy and where the savings come from your efforts
  • See where you can save more 
  • Compare consumption year on year per meter with occupancy to see the impacts
  • Benchmark to see how you do compared to similar building types
  • Show your directors where and why energy can’t drop in step with occupancy
In addition to the above,  we are offering 1 free hour of consulting to help you understand your consumption, and operate your building at the lowest cost possible and how to save a bit more at no cost.
Contact us today at info@takasolutions.com to setup your consulting call and get started.
Taka Solutions Energy Data Platform