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Since its inception in 2012 taka solutions has been involved in the development, authoring and review the UAEs first guide for retrofitting existing buildings.  Through the hard work of the EGBC and its contributors the first version is complete and ready for use throughout the country.

The EmiratesGBC Technical Guidelines have been developed in conformance with the UAE’s sustainability agenda – a part of its National Agenda 2021 – and in conformance with local sustainable strategies such as the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy (DIES) and Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.

The Guidelines provide an organized collection of economically viable methods that will equip existing building owners in the UAE with the necessary tools to achieve sustainable and comfortable buildings.


  • Comprehensive set of instructions compiled by EmiratesGBC.
  • Consists of 200 pages featuring 31 key retrofit methods that can be implemented on existing buildings for improved operational efficiency and subsequent short and long-term savings.
  • Written by EmiratesGBC members and partners who share strong expertise and technical knowledge in their respective fields.
  • The Guidelines highlight current processes, technologies, and local and regional standards in place to successfully and efficiently retrofit existing buildings in the UAE.
  • Publication serves as a guide for UAE industry professionals and building owners, operators, and end-users.

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