Taka Experts – Rehana Jiffrey on Energy Modelling | taka solutions

July 5, 2018: The ‘Taka Experts’ initiative shines a light on some the talented professionals, whose expertise is the driving force behind so much of our success.

We kicked-off with Rehana Jiffrey, one of our most experienced Energy Engineers and is an expert IES VE professional. Rehana utilizes cutting edge software performs whole building energy simulations in support of the design and implementation of energy efficiency measures.

We spoke to Rehana about her role at Taka Solutions and the finer details of energy modelling.

“(energy modeling) helps to determine energy saving measures and predict energy consumption of end-users, annually, monthly, weekly, daily . . . it also helps us to identify and analyse the interactive effects of combining various EEMs (Energy Efficiency Measures)”

Rehana also underlined the importance of the role energy modeling plays improving energy efficiency in buildings and the subsequent environmental impact.

“in the efforts to reduce carbon footprint and climate change, I believe energy modeling plays a crucial role. It is a critical tool for improving a building’s energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Watch Rehana’s video here