Taka Energy Data Platform - An Open Platform To Help You Save Energy Without Conducting Expensive Audits | taka solutions

August 27, 2020: Has your business been affected by COVID19? Do you need to reduce or cut costs? Through COVID19, we have registered more than 500 buildings on our open energy platform and are helping customers save energy with ZERO CAPEX investment.

Try a no cost 60 day trial on our open Energy Data Platform that will allow you to:

  • Automatically audit your building to see savings potential without an expensive audit
  • Instantly track and see investment returns
  • Remotely monitor and control your building from anywhere
  • Track energy cost reduction and where the savings come from
  • Customize your own real-time energy dashboards
  • Centralize and digitize all your utility bills

To learn more contact us at info@takasolutions.com, call us at +971 4 8818131 or visit www.takasolutions.com to find out more.