Taka Announces its Finance Service at the 2018 RetrofitTech Summit | taka solutions

April 11, 2018: At this year’s RetrofitTech Summit & Awards, Charles Blaschke announced the launch of Taka’s finance service.

Whilst delivering his presentation on the main stage, Charles revealed that finance is longer a roadblock to energy efficiency now that Taka Solutions has added financing to its list of comprehensive services.

Speaking in an interview after the conference, Charles explained the impact of being able to offer financing to others

“Taka Solutions has the financial infrastructure to be able to invest in projects of any size and deploy capital within a matter of days. Through quality partnerships, we are now able to use our financing capabilities to have a much greater positive economic, social, and environmental impact.”

Financing should never be a barrier to improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon impact, which is why we now finance projects for ESCOs, building owners, equipment manufacturers and solutions providers. By removing the burden of finance, we make energy efficiency accessible to everyone.