How Smart Technology Enhances Energy Retrofits | Taka Solutions

March 21, 2018: Technology is continually evolving and changing at unprecedented rates. From Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to the power of the cloud, smart technologies are shaping the way we design, construct and operate buildings and infrastructure. The combination of these smart technologies creates innovative solutions which are shaping the way we approach commercial energy retrofits.


BIM, IoT, and the Cloud – The Basics

The Internet of Things (IoT) – in a nutshell, the IoT refers to the connection of all smart devices to the Internet. This growing network of Internet-connected gadgets and resources possess the capability to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors. The IoT allows you to connect and transform your building’s systems to gather insights which lead to better outcomes for building owners, operators, managers and employees.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) – refers to the 3D model-based method that provides energy engineering professionals with the tools and insight they need to efficiently plan, retrofit, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. BIM significantly enhances the process of creating and managing information across an investments lifecycle. Creating a digital BIM permits those who interact with the building to enhance their actions, resulting in a higher life value for their building.


The Cloud – refers to software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your computer. Most cloud services are through a Web browser, such as Google Chrome, and some businesses offer dedicated mobile apps. The cloud allows you to access your information on any device smart connected to the Internet, regardless of your physical location.


Combining Smart Technologies to Your Energy Retrofit Advantage

Business owners and operators can leverage the powers of BIM to seamlessly transfer required building data to Facility Management information systems. This instant transfer of data improves processes through advanced conception and analysis capabilities. Enter the IoT of the cloud.


To make the most of energy consumption data, energy engineers will integrate building information with FM information systems, (i.e. computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS), electronic document management systems (EDMS), energy management systems, and building automation systems (BAS)).


Through combining the potential of the cloud and IoT, stand-alone business owners and larger entities can improve their building automation system infrastructure.  Universities, government agencies, and larger commercial facilities can leverage these technologies to keep track of energy consumption across multiple buildings. This real-time data allows energy engineers to track and analyse energy consumption across an entire organisation to remedy any energy inefficiencies.


Business owners can also leverage the power of IoT to allow energy engineers outside of their facility to access information about their energy consumption data. In sharing this information, not only will owners and operators have real-time data to quickly fix any energy inefficiencies, but they can also use this data to set high-level goals to controllers within their facility.


Additionally, when it comes to energy retrofit data, there are many applications for external of access, to including data mining, maintenance, optimisation, planning, etc. By mitigating the barriers of time and place, IoT facilitates the creation of new classes of applications that would have been difficult or impossible before.


Taka Solutions Energy Retrofits

An energy retrofit from Taka Solutions produces a savings of up to 50% per building, dramatically optimising building efficiency and reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. Energy efficient construction and retrofits are essential components to lowering carbon emissions on the path to environmental sustainability in the UAE and on a global scale.


Commercial energy retrofits equate to immediate savings from upgraded equipment and technologies, to including:


  • Lowering building and infrastructure operating costs
  • Decreasing the risk associated with rising energy prices
  • Increasing your asset value and cash flow
  • Reducing carbon emissions


Let Taka Solutions provide you with turn-key solutions to experience the efficiencies and benefits of sustainability. With a little help, your organisation can be part of the change that leads to global sustainability. Contact our team of energy engineers to schedule your energy audit or to learn more about propelling your building into the future of sustainability.