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September 17, 2019: Now more than ever in business, there is a fine line between success and failure. In order to succeed and maximize your profits, you must first reduce your expenses. Reducing your operating costs starts with increasing your energy efficiency. 

Considering the average company dedicates approximately one-third of their operating budget to energy consumption, it’s only natural organisations are turning to energy engineers to reduce their consumption and increase their bottom line.


Energy Audits at a Glance

An energy audit is designed to determine the amount of energy consumption associated with a building and the potential savings associated with a reduction in consumption. Designed to recognise the specific conditions influencing the performance and comfort of your building, an energy audit is designed to maximise the overall impact of energy-focused building enhancements. After obtaining these invaluable insights, your energy consultant will devise custom solutions to help your company increase its’ energy efficiency.

Recommended upgrades may include HVAC systems and controls, lighting systems and lighting controls, steam trap maintenance, weatherization (air sealing and insulation), and refrigeration systems and controls. 


Energy Expertise at Your Service

An energy audit allows you to leverage the power of having a dedicated team of energy engineers for your organisation. By combining their expertise, training, and experience, your energy consultant will thoroughly evaluate your facility. 

Together with your energy consultant, you will identify all the ways your company may be wasting energy, to include less noticeable ways. Best of all, they will use this information to help you take action to reduce your energy consumption. These savings will directly impact your bottom-line.

Potential financial benefits of an energy audit:

  • Increase your profits through energy savings and
  • Decrease your operating costs
  • Increase the value of your building
  • Protection against rising energy costs
  • Increase your competitive differentiation
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and energy expenses
  • And more


Potential operational benefits of an energy audit:

  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs (O&M)
  • Upgrade to innovative mechanical and technological systems
  • Increase the lifespan and dependability of your equipment
  • Improve operational performance
  • Increase building control, automation, and self-regulation
  • Valuable energy consumption data in interactive dashboards 
  • And more


Beyond Your Bottom Line 

Most businesses embark on a path to energy efficiency because they want to reduce their carbon emissions while simultaneously lowering their energy bills. However, your energy bill is not the only bottom-line impact your company stands to gain with enhanced energy performance. For example, weatherizing your building and upgrading lighting has been shown to help employees feel more comfortable and focused, which boosts their productivity.

Additional benefits of an energy audit include:

  • Increased employee productivity and employee morale
  • Improved building comfort levels for employees and clients
  • Enhanced brand recognition, customer loyalty, and “green” business image
  • Reduced health problems associated with poor indoor air quality (i.e., mold, mildew, toxic emissions, etc.)
  • And more


Taka Solutions

At Taka, we understand that like people, no two buildings are the same. From your initial energy audit through design, construction, and operations, our custom-tailored energy consulting solutions are designed to help your organisation reach its goal of creating a smart, energy-efficient building. Examples

Your energy consultant will help you to determine and prioritize the upgrades which will deliver the greatest impact. While you will be under no obligation to follow through on any of the recommendations provided, with the benefits you’ll gain, you’d be hard-pressed not to! 

Contact the experts at Taka Solutions to learn more about how we can transform your building into a smart, energy-efficient building.