Financing and Your Commercial Energy Retrofits | Taka Solutions

August 1, 2018: Charles Blaschke and Chris Burkhardt founded Taka Solutions with a mission to reduce the world’s energy consumption by 20%. They wholeheartedly believed that finance should never be an obstacle on the path to saving energy.

Using our innovative Paid From Savings, the energy experts at Taka empower building owners with the information and technology they need to maximise their buildings potential through smart, innovative, efficient energy solutions.


What is Energy Performance Contracting?

Energy Performance Contracting is a commercial agreement structure between a client and an Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) which allows for capital improvement. Through this financing, building owners can improve energy efficiencies within their building to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint and increase their profitability. In a shared savings model, these energy upgrades are paid back from the cost reductions generated by building improvements.

Under a performance contract arrangement, an ESCO, such as Taka Solutions, implements a project to deliver energy efficiency, and uses the stream of income from the cost savings, or the renewable energy produced, to repay the costs of the project (including the capital costs). Essentially clients only begin to repay their financing fees once their project delivers energy savings as expected.


Taka Empowers Energy Efficiency Through Financing

Through energy performance contracting, we provide turn-key projects for comprehensive energy savings with a guarantee of lowering your carbon footprint and increasing your bottom line.

Through our award-winning finance model, clients can mitigate their risk while reaping the rewards associated with an optimised building. Not only will we provide all of the engineering, equipment and capital expenses for the project, but all project costs are paid from the savings generated by the project and shared with the owner from the start.

Subsequently, we are paid back through the immediate savings your company experiences from the energy upgrades. Unlike a traditional loan, shared savings requires no upfront costs or lines of credit. Our clients simply sign a customised contract agreeing to pay back our investment based on the performance of their energy upgrades. Best of all, once you’ve paid us back, you keep 100% of the savings, as well as all the upgraded technology.


Financing and Partnerships

At Taka we take great pride in removing the burden of finance, making energy efficiency available to everyone. Not only do we finance our own projects, we also finance projects for other Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), equipment suppliers, service providers and building/asset owners.

With proper financing, upgrading your buildings will minimise the financial losses associated with energy and water at no initial cost to organisational stakeholders. Once you’ve completed your energy audit to determine where your building will most benefit from energy upgrades, you’ll experience immediate savings from upgraded equipment and technologies, to include:

  • Lowered building operating costs
  • Minimised risk against rising energy prices
  • Increased asset value
  • Increased cash flow

Through cultivating partnerships, and making energy efficiency economically feasible, we are improving the world one building at a time. Earlier in the year, Taka announced our partnership with Grundfos, the area’s leading pump supplier and manufacturer. Together, we look to collaborate on financing projects in a variety of ways, from full turn-key solutions including sourcing and installation of products, to offering energy consultancy. Through partnerships like this, we can have a much greater positive environmental and economic impact.

At Taka Solutions, we want to help your organisation save energy, save money and reduce your carbon impact. As your energy partner, we are so confident in the instant savings associated with a commercial energy upgrade that we’ll fund the project from the start, at no initial cost to you. Contact our energy engineers to learn more about how we can finance your commercial upgrade.