Charles' View on The Current Retrofit Market of The UAE | Taka Solutions

December 19, 2018: Charles Blaschke was interviewed by Climate Control Middle East alongside several industry leaders to give their take on the factors that drive the retrofit market.

Climate Control Middle East has established itself as the sought-after platform reporting on the HVACR industry in the Middle East with an unwavering commitment to providing in-depth news, perspectives and analyses. Their coverage has included a wide array of topics ranging from energy security to food safety, from indoor environmental quality to climate change, from data center cooling to process cooling and from fire safety to building performance. Embedded in them are specific topics related to District Cooling, standalone systems, hospital ventilation, transport refrigeration, cold storage warehousing, acoustics, vibration, refrigerants and more.

On December 4th, Charles Blaschke, Taka’s CEO and Co-founder, was featured in an article discussing the Building Efficiency Accelerator partnership’s target to retrofit 30,000 buildings, in order to achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption by the year 2030.

Charles expressed his positivity towards the ambitious target, believing that it is obtainable due to the UAE catching up to the global retrofit movement.

“High goals are bound to lead to an uptake for retrofit projects, and this is a good sign.”

Charles also elaborated on his advocacy for the self-financing model, one of the many ESCO models used in the current retrofit market.

“A lot of ESCOs encourage the shared savings model, but I believe a true financial infrastructure is having one’s own investment fund,”  he asserted.

“Self-financing gives an ESCO the ability to take on projects in a matter of days . . . If the investment on a project is five million, we pay the entire amount and, later, if the client saves a million a year, we take 70% of the savings for seven years,”

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