Taka Wins Sustainable SME of the Year | Taka Solutions

May 1, 2018: At the 2nd Annual National Treasure Conference, Taka Solutions walked away with the award for Sustainable SME of the Year!

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak, The Cabinet Minister of Tolerance & President of UAE Genetic Disease Association, the second edition of the Annual National Treasure Conference brought together like-minded business leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs with the objective of “Building a sustainable business with eyes on the future – today”

During the Business Excellence Awards Ceremony, Taka Solutions was announced as the Sustainable SME of the Year. The award was accepted by CEO Charles Blaschke and Marketing Manager Ned Lowe, who later commented

“Reducing the world’s energy consumption is one of the biggest challenges of our generation and what we do today will have a huge impact on future generations. While it will always be an uphill struggle, and there’s still so much to do, it’s always great to receive recognition for our efforts in helping to create a more sustainable future”

One of the main topics for discussion during the second day of the conference was how to build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions to achieve sustainable development.

As one of the key speakers on the ‘Future Leaders of Sustainable Development’ panel, Charles Blaschke highlighted the challenges we face and painted a picture of what the world will look like if we’re unable to overcome these obstacles.

Charles Blaschke at National Treasure Conference

“If we don’t do something, future generations will live much worse lives than we do” he explained.

“We’re all sitting a nice, cool, air-conditioned room now, but it may get to a point, one day, where there is no air-conditioning, no hot water, no chilled water because there is no energy for it”

He later added, “Of course we need to save energy, but we also need to find ways to generate it in a more clean, sustainable manner; whether that’s solar or perhaps some new technology that we don’t have yet.. today we can save 30, 40, 50% of a building’s energy consumption but in the future, we’ll need to find ways to do that and provide the same levels of comfort with a much lower impact.”