About Taka Solutions


Taka Solutions deploys the latest technologies and engineering to deliver comprehensive energy solutions that improves energy and water efficiency, reduce carbon impact and saves money.  We do all of this using an innovative paid-from-savings model.

Energy performance contracts allow upgrades to be fully paid for by the savings created by the enhancements. In doing this we reduce the energy expenses of the building, enhance the quality of the air, environment as well as improve the overall value of the asset with no capital expense for the customer.



Leveraging cutting edge technology to deliver better projects and value


Unbiased engineering for quality custom solutions for every project


Forward thinking solutions and approaches that break the norm

Problem Solving

Outside of the box thinking to tackle any challenge

Mission & Vision


Energy needs of mankind are met without negative impact


Leverage technology, engineering and finance in an integrated solution that addresses energy needs efficiently


  • To provide the information using technology for buildings and individuals to reduce their energy impact
  • Create value for society, business and people through energy efficiency and technology
  • Deliver complex ideas in a simple, different way
  • Solve the world's biggest problems using the power of business
  • Make energy savings a seamless user experience
  • Simplify energy and technology delivery
  • Bring innovation and technology to an old industry
  • Use the power of social media and technology to educate the masses about energy efficiency


  • Integrity
  • Pioneering
  • Efficiency
  • Ambition
  • Fortitude
  • Excellence


After working in the engineering and construction industry we realized that buildings do not perform to their maximum potential. This leaves a performance gap that provides large energy, cost and comfort savings opportunities. So a small group of us decided we wanted make a greater social, environmental and economic impact using energy the paid-from-savings performance model to apply our technical expertise.

Reasons for Poor Performing Buildings

  • Poor Design 65%
  • Sub Par Construction 40%
  • Bad Operation 70%
  • Inadequate Technology 85%
  • Faulty Equipment 20%