UAE's leading financed efficiency partner

How we got here


Taka solutions is established with the vision that energy needs of mankind are met without negative impact


Achieved Total Energy Savings of 5,000 MWh

Awarded Forbes Most Promising UAE Company

Awarded The Venture Top Gulf Environmental Enterprise

Awarded Dubai SME Innovative Disruptive Company


Taka Solutions is acquired by Corys Environment

Awarded MENA Green Building Awards - Hotel Retrofit Project of the Year

Awarded Emirates Energy Award - Private Sector


Achieved Total Energy Savings of 25,000 MWh


Achieved Total Energy Savings of 40,000 MWh


Achieved Total Energy Savings of 60,000+ MWh


Takaunify - a platform that unifies Business, Operations and Energy is launched

Achieved Total Water Savings of 4 million imp gal


Achieved Total Energy Savings of 92,500 MWh

Achieved Total Water Savings of 7 million+ imp gal

Awarded Global CEO for Life Award

Awarded RetrofitTech Best Net Zero Project of the Year

Awarded EGBC MENA Green Building Award - Takaunify


Awarded RetrofitTech MENA ESCO of the Year

Why Work With Us

Largest portfolio of utilities efficiency projects in the UAE including award-winning net-zero projects

Trusted brand with unparalleled stability

Customer-centric business models

Vendor agnostic

Advanced energy technology and utilities management applications

Committed to investment in innovation and R&D

Accredited to undertake projects in all Emirates

Our Group

Taka Solutions was acquired by Corys Environment – part of Green Coast Enterprises Group, combining the trust and knowledge of a local partner and engineering expertise in terms of energy efficiency.

By offering fully-financed, turnkey energy efficiency retrofits, we remove the barriers related to finance. Our turnkey offering changes the green energy landscape of the UAE.

Corys Environment

Corys Environment was established with the aim of investing in best-in-class solutions to address the environmental challenges in the Middle East.

The company specializes in strategic asset ownership, in partnership with leaders in power, water and waste management industries. Its investment approach is for the long term: the leaders seek out sustainable projects that generate secured and stable cash flows, driven by the underlying conviction that sustainability delivers long-term performance.

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Corys Environment is the environmental investment arm of Green Coast Enterprises.

Green Coast Enterprises

Taka Solutions is part of Green Coast Enterprises, a 40-year old family owned business, established in 1977 by prominent UAE businessman, Abdul Ghaffar Hussain. The company has always been marked by a spirit of enterprise, a culture of industry and a commitment to its community, people and partners.

Being a family-owned business, Green Coast Enterprises takes a long-term view on its investments. The majority of the Group’s assets have been under the umbrella for more than 30 years.

As an active owner, the management works closely with the respective business units to help them set strategies, formulate business plans and successfully grow their business.

Our Vision

Energy needs of mankind are met without negative impact

Our Mission

Leverage technology, engineering and finance in an integrated solution that addresses energy needs efficiently

Our Core Values

Our culture is based on our four core values, which form the foundation for Taka Solutions and are at the heart of everything we do.





Our Goals

To create value for society, business and people through energy efficiency

To solve the world’s biggest problems of energy by using finance as an enabler

To make energy and water efficiency a seamless experience

To bring innovation and technology to an old industry

To use different channels to educate the market and people about energy efficiency

To inspire and motivate young professionals to pursue a career in energy efficiency and sustainability

Board of Directors

Mohammed Abdulghaffar Hussain


David Auriau

Board Member

Mattia Pipino

Board Member

Paul Pountney

Board Member

Executive Team

Aditya Shah

Chief Growth Officer

Mutaz Aswad

Head of Engineering & O&M

Arjun Upadhyaya

Head of Technology

Mohamed Al-Husseini

Head of Strategy

Lokesh Gupta

Senior Finance Manager