2023 World Green Building Week

September 14, 2023

Taka Solutions participated in the 2023 World Green Building Week, organized by Emirates Green Building Council. 

Aditya Shah, Chief Growth Officer at Taka Solutions participated in the panel discussion on the topic “Financing the Net Zero Transition”. Key takeaways included: 

1️⃣ The pivotal role of buildings in the battle against climate change. With the right strategies like decentralization of infrastructure and Efficiency as a Service offerings, the journey to net-zero is not only possible, but financially viable. 
2️⃣ Collaborative efforts between industry experts, sustainability leaders, and financial minds are essential for driving green building initiatives forward.
3️⃣ The future is bright! Innovative financing models are emerging, making sustainable building practices accessible to a broader range of projects.

Together, let’s continue the dialogue and momentum toward a greener, more sustainable world.

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