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Advantages of Owning a Smart Building

Our modern world is full of smart technologies connecting our gadgets and smart accessories, and it was only natural that our buildings were destined for the same fate. Smart buildings provide solutions, improve efficiency, reduce consumption and reduce energy costs. The use of sensors built into infrastructure and data collected in smart buildings allows for a significant improvement in the management of buildings. Thanks to innovative technologies and the growing advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT), residents and employees are enjoying the comforts and benefits associated with their smart buildings.   What is a Smart Building? A few decades ago we never thought it would be possible to automatically control the conditions in an entire building. However, the latest technological developments and the IoT have led to the emergence of smart buildings. A smart building is any building or facility that uses automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC systems), lighting, security and other systems. While new construction can be designed to implement all of these smart technologies from the ground up, older structures can also be converted to smart buildings.   In innovative smart buildings, HVAC Systems permit users to view and manage usage patterns. These systems gather data to analyze it and define patterns to anticipate particular needs at any given time. Aside from providing a great degree of comfort for building occupants, smart buildings also provide a series of benefits.   Greater Efficiency One of the most significant benefits associated with smart buildings is energy optimisation. For most commercial buildings, energy use is the most substantial operating expense.... read more

Key Benefits of a Commercial Energy Audit

For most commercial buildings, energy use is the most substantial operating expense. On average, approximately one-third of a typical operating budget is spent on energy consumption. Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Commercial building owners and business occupants can increase profits and property asset values while simultaneously reducing operating expenses by becoming more energy efficient. What is an Energy Audit? An energy audit determines the amount of energy consumption affiliated with a building and the potential savings associated with that energy consumption. Additionally, an energy audit is designed to understand the specific conditions that are impacting the performance and comfort in your facility to maximize the overall impact of energy-focused building improvements. So how will an energy audit impact your organization? Take a look at the many benefits of an energy audit below. Save Money with Energy The most obvious benefit to a commercial energy audit lies in their potential to protect your bottom line. A comprehensive energy audit has the potential to significantly reduce your utility bills. Using the latest innovative technologies and solutions, commercial energy audits analyze and inspect your business from the inside out. From your building’s air-conditioning equipment and exterior to your internal structure, your energy audit will take everything into account. Your energy auditor will determine how these systems interact with one another, locating air leakage, inefficiencies, unwanted heat transmission, and more. Upon completion, they will recommend and implement cost-effective resolutions to maximise functionality while minimising immediate expenses. Other financial benefits associated with energy efficiency include: Increased profits Reduced energy expenses Higher ROI Protection against rising energy costs Minimised... read more

taka solutions’ Charles Blaschke’s team wins 1st regionally in Accenture’s DigiHack

Founder Charles Blaschke joined Accenture’s Digital Hackathon last weekend and helped create an app called TaqaS, your personal energy advisor. The goal is to bring all the benefits of energy efficiency to individuals like you, so you can save energy and money at home and contribute to making Dubai the most sustainable city in the world and help you reduce your impact on climate change. The team and idea took first place in Dubai with a unanimous vote and 3rd place globally. It’s an exciting challenge that has been on Charles’ mind for a long time, now materializing Click here for more details.... read more

taka solutions flies to Beirut to explain their solution to Lebanon’s electricity problem

Our co-founder Chris Burkhardt is with Henry Jeha in Beirut, Lebanon for the 2nd International Efficient Building Design Conference by ASHRAE. See how we plan on using energy performance contracting (ESCO) to reduce the country of Lebanon’s energy consumption and demand by 30%, stopping power cuts, all while saving you money, at no cost to you or the country. For more about the conference and speakers follow the link below.... read more

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We are in the process of getting our page setup to make regular blogs, hopefully around one per week.  We aim to make these useful and informative, and sourced from all of those at Taka Solutions, as well as partners and people we know.  If you have questions, or suggestions on topics please email us at info@takasolutions.com.  ... read more