Using technology and engineering to help buildings and individuals reduce energy and costs

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Taka Solutions wins the Gulf regional competition and will represent Dubai at the global finals in NYC for a share of $1 million

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Welcome to takasolutions

We are a technology and engineering company that uses quality engineering, financing and management to optimize building energy use through efficiency to reduce costs, carbon impact and increase asset profitability and value.

Our comprehensive energy efficiency solutions reduce energy-related expenditures provide positive economic, environmental and social impact.

We use an innovative paid-from-savings business model with no capital cost for customers.  All costs are paid from the savings generated from the project.


We follow 3 basic steps with our customers to go from understanding their building, to installing new technology, to ensuring maximum savings through the contract period and beyond.

1. Analyze

We collect data and review the current systems and consumption habits of the building. The information is used to study energy efficiency measures and financial savings.

2. Implement

We design, install and commission upgrades, while overseeing energy management and staff training throughout the asset.

3. Manage

We manage and monitor building energy and systems in order to ensure performance and savings figures are meeting targets.

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